A Tale of Two Borders (Two Different Stories)

Scrolling through social media since the Senate passed the 1.7 trillion-dollar omnibus spending bill, one sees a frequent talking point. It goes something like “Democrats are spending billions on Ukraine’s border and ignoring the crisis at our border!” After politicians or news personalities say some variation of this it quickly gets picked up and dutifullyContinue reading “A Tale of Two Borders (Two Different Stories)”

The Transphobic Argument Against Student Loan Forgiveness

Transgender rights and student loan forgiveness are two entirely different topics. Yet, bigots and people with little worlds have managed to tie the two together. Yes, that’s right folks, apparently the small minded have managed to create an argument against student loan forgiveness from gender identity. Or is it an argument against transgender rights fromContinue reading “The Transphobic Argument Against Student Loan Forgiveness”

Virtue and Freedom of Speech (Don’t Be a Schmeck)

Just because you can do it, does not mean you should do it. This is a most basic moral principle of basic moral principles as can be. This is also wisdom. If I heard it once as a child from my parents, I heard it a thousand times over—there is a place and time forContinue reading “Virtue and Freedom of Speech (Don’t Be a Schmeck)”

Looking Back and Looking Ahead: Musings on 2021 and 2022

Betty White did not make it to 2022. That seems almost a crime. I remind myself that, given where she started, she got considerably further than most of us will. Still, Betty White not making it to 2022 and to her approaching 100th birthday, when she was in apparent good health, does make one sad.Continue reading “Looking Back and Looking Ahead: Musings on 2021 and 2022”

A Rainbow of Joy and Hope: Transgender StoryTime, Denton, TX November 20,2021

Yesterday, I was privileged to be present at an event that had been at risk of not happening (and that would have been a shame). Yet, the threat against it became a catalyst that caused it to grow from one small library program (among hundreds) to a festive community celebration this year that drew manyContinue reading “A Rainbow of Joy and Hope: Transgender StoryTime, Denton, TX November 20,2021”

Worlds that May Be…Thoughts About Books and Imagination

In the novel Clockwork Angels by Kevin J. Anderson and Neil Peart, there is a small but subtly significant part about a bookshop called Underworld Books. In the story, the protagonist, a young man named Owen Hardy, comes upon the shop in the midst of his adventures far from home. In the window, he seesContinue reading “Worlds that May Be…Thoughts About Books and Imagination”

“If I could wave my magic wand”…a remembrance of Neil Peart.

Neil Ellwood Peart passed from this existence one year ago today. When the news broke and I heard, I involuntarily got choked up. I have no pretensions to have felt anything approaching the grief felt by those who knew him. I am a fan, that is all. A Rush fan, though, is a little bitContinue reading ““If I could wave my magic wand”…a remembrance of Neil Peart.”