David Utsler, Ph.D. Philosopher, teacher, book lover, music lover, and all around (mostly) decent fellow.

I was born and raised in rural Indiana. My life has been a diverse journey that finally led to a love of the love of wisdom. I have lived everywhere from the Midwest to California to the New England states and now for many years in Texas in the suburbs of north Dallas. Like many of us, I have a lot of thoughts about a lot of things and want to share them. Like too few of us in these times, I would like to see more what I consider to be philosophical style dialogue—that is, where dialogue partners are more interested in seeking for truth than winning an argument.

I received my doctorate in philosophy from the University of North Texas. I specialize in philosophical hermeneutics, contemporary continental philosophy (especially phenomenology), environmental philosophy and environmental hermeneutics, environmental justice, and critical theory. I don’t do too bad in the the philosophy of religion, the philosophy of technology, and the philosophy of food.

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