Hermeneutics and the Anthropocene: Notice on a Recent Publication

I am pleased to pass on to those who may be interested a notice of a journal article published in Analecta Hermeneutica, Vol. 13, 2021, titled “(Environmental) Hermeneutics at the Heart of the Anthropocene: Ricoeurian and Gadamerian Perspectives,” authored by me and Dr. Cynthia Nielsen of the University of Dallas. The issue can be foundContinue reading “Hermeneutics and the Anthropocene: Notice on a Recent Publication”

The Euphoria of Teaching

Next to being with my wife and family, I can’t think of anything that makes me happier than teaching. The feeling I get can rightfully be described as euphoric and, to be honest, a little high. I pondered choosing the word euphoria to describe the effect that teaching has on me and considered finding aContinue reading “The Euphoria of Teaching”

Personal Choice and Freedom of the “We”

Can an act that affects other people be “my personal choice”? This is an important question today since “personal choice” is regularly invoked, especially on questions related to Covid-19. To wear a mask in public or not to wear a mask in public? It is my personal choice. To be vaccinated or not to beContinue reading “Personal Choice and Freedom of the “We””

Bollocks and the Blockchain

Dr. Todd Mei [A note from David Utsler: I am pleased to welcome Dr. Todd Mei to Discursive Dialectics with a guest post on this timely and interesting topic. Dr. Mei is a public philosopher, business consultant, and podcaster. See the links at the bottom of this post to learn more about him and hisContinue reading “Bollocks and the Blockchain”

Barbarism and Savagery or Civil Society? One of the Meanings of January 6, 2021

I am currently working on a post on the idea of national unity. National unity is something that is absent in American life right now. That post, when published, will explain that topic more thoroughly. But, for now, I wish to highlight an important fact that national unity does not mean uniformity. Quite the contrary,Continue reading “Barbarism and Savagery or Civil Society? One of the Meanings of January 6, 2021”

Virtue and Freedom of Speech (Don’t Be a Schmeck)

Just because you can do it, does not mean you should do it. This is a most basic moral principle of basic moral principles as can be. This is also wisdom. If I heard it once as a child from my parents, I heard it a thousand times over—there is a place and time forContinue reading “Virtue and Freedom of Speech (Don’t Be a Schmeck)”

Looking Back and Looking Ahead: Musings on 2021 and 2022

Betty White did not make it to 2022. That seems almost a crime. I remind myself that, given where she started, she got considerably further than most of us will. Still, Betty White not making it to 2022 and to her approaching 100th birthday, when she was in apparent good health, does make one sad.Continue reading “Looking Back and Looking Ahead: Musings on 2021 and 2022”

A Rainbow of Joy and Hope: Transgender StoryTime, Denton, TX November 20,2021

Yesterday, I was privileged to be present at an event that had been at risk of not happening (and that would have been a shame). Yet, the threat against it became a catalyst that caused it to grow from one small library program (among hundreds) to a festive community celebration this year that drew manyContinue reading “A Rainbow of Joy and Hope: Transgender StoryTime, Denton, TX November 20,2021”